Our history

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80's :

The tannery specializes in a precision cutting method to horizontally split leather, allowing it to therefore invest in two distinct but complementary production activities.
The company is foremost recognised for its production of lamb suede, for the clothing market.
The splitting of the leather produces a second layer of 0.3 mm thickness which is then bonded with unwoven jersey cotton, allowing for the reinforcement of the leather and also the advantage of no longer needing a lining when manufacturing clothes.

1990 :

A partnership with Du Pont De Nemours, enables the first application of Lycra® fabric in the leather industry. The Lycra® lining composed with elastane fibres, allows for the leather to which it is bonded to become elastic and retain its original form after being stretched.
An ambitious technical project therefore comes to fruition at Cuirs du Futur: to achieve a “stretch” version of natural leather, whilst conserving the leather’s technical and aesthetic characteristics.

1995 :

With more years of experience accumulated, some very specific technical difficulties come to light in the production of stretch leather.
It is only after multiple years of research and development that the first stretch leather products is fully industrialised at the Cuirs du Futur factory.
The commercial name attributed to the stretch leather line of products is established as Magisco.
Numerous prestigious clients such as Jitrois, Stouls and Clergerie are seduced by this unique product, which revolutionises the use of leather in the Haute Couture industry.

2000 :

The stretch leather market expands rapidly.
Originally specializing in leather with jersey cotton backing, it is thanks to the taste for taking on new challenges of Manuel Saussol that the company quickly evolved into producing stretch leather.
Denis SAUSSOL, the current manager and heir to this family heritage and know-how, is involved in everyday operations to guarantee the quality and character of the Cuirs du Futur products and service, as recognized by the large fashion brands that have been faithful clients for so many years.