Our know-How

Our knowledge

Experience, mother of our expertise

Know-how, born of years of experience

With 30 years’ experience, Cuirs du Futur’s know-how is the corner-stone of the history of the company itself.

The many years of research and development at the Cuirs du Futur factory from the very beginnings of the stretch leather concept through to the culmination of the Magisco product range, enable us today to have complete mastery over such a complex product.

Technical and Tradition

Technique and tradition

Our know-how is rooted in the craftsmanship that is at the heart of traditional leather products. The industrialisation of the stretch leather product range has lead us to marry technology and tradition and hence establish unique tools for the fabrication process.

The customized production service

Production efficiency focused on providing bespoke services

Production efficiency at Cuirs du Futur is not at the sacrifice of flexibility and adaptability. Creativity and listening to the needs of clients are integral to our craft. Our products are adaptable according to your needs and expectations; the unique character of your product therefore comes to life, unconstrained by established designs and products.

Certified enterprise of living heritage

Cuirs du futur certified enterprise of living heritage

Adaptability, responsiveness, innovation and passion for work: these are the values that have enabled us to be certified. This French government label put the spotlight on “ The excellence of French know-how” knowing how to combine tradition and innovation, know-how and creation, work and passion, heritage and future, international and local.

100 000

liters of water per day


skins per day


production steps for each skin




production machines


tanning and dyeing barrels

0,2 mm

leather thickness after cutting